"Four years Bon Jovi Web Radio ...and we still keep the faith"
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Here we are folks...
Finally we made a web radio station we like. Bon Jovi web radio station was an idea in our minds for a long time. This idea was getting bigger and bigger day by day until we said: "What the hell? Why not?".
Bon Jovi web radio has been created 'cause of the admiration we have for the best rock band ever, BON JOVI. Their songs and Bon Jovi themselves are a huge part of our lives. This band is the musical story of our lives.
The majority of us made Bon Jovi music soundtrack of our existence. The most of us we are used to listen Bon Jovi songs in our good times and in our bad times also. We connected Bon Jovi with our daily life and that's something.
Bon Jovi web radio is not affiliated with Bon Jovi, their company or their management. This radio station broadcasts only on internet and of course everyone is welcome. Not only Bon Jovi fans but people who are not fans. For the last ones Bon Jovi web radio it 's a great oportunity to make them proud Bon Jovi fans.
Feel free to explore our Bon Jovi web radio website. If you have any questions please feel free to contact with us. In this website you can find downloads, watch videos, see photos, get badges, read the band's biography, visit great links for trading Bon Jovi CDs and DVDs, be informed for the radio station program, talk with other Bon Jovi fans in our chat room, find to read the last Bon Jovi news and shop from our store.
The prices in our store are the lowest they can be. The profit is very little and  nobody earns money. The profit goes to web radio station to pay the services it uses. In the forum you can talk about enything you want, you can post photos and videos. Take part to our survey. By this way you will help Bon Jovi Web Radio to be better. Vote to our polls and see the BJWR fans how they look like. Download Usteam apps to listen Bon Jovi Web Radio wherever you are. If you want to watch Bon Jovi official Ustream channel you don't have to get our of Bon Jovi Web Radio. Watch it from here. Stay informed about Bon Jovi concerts and be a DJ on Bon Jovi Web Radio. Any donation will help us a lot (you don't have to but if you feel like donating you will help us a lot).
The program of Bon Jovi web radio it's 24/7. Feel free to follow us on Twitter and like our facebook page. You can also listen to the Bon Jovi web radio via www.radiohackaday.com and Ustream facebook application.
We hope you will enjoy this effort. That 's all folks.

    Keep The Faith

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We are not affiliated with Bon Jovi, their company or their management.