"Four years Bon Jovi Web Radio ...and we still keep the faith"
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Wednesday, October 1, 2014


   Three years Bon Jovi Web Radio. That's really something for us. Especially this third year. We 've been through really hard times but we are still here and we hope to be for long. The last year downs were much more than ups. That's why live shows were off the schedule. We kept the live broadcasting despite all problems. Was a thought to shut B.J.W.R. down? HELL NO! The only thought in our mind was how to keep it alive and we finally did it. Countless difficulties, many tried to convince us to shut down the radio (don't know why), some other "friends" finally revealed their real face. We don't give a shit about them and we look forward and keep on Joving as hell, 'cause that's the main point for us here on Bon Jovi Web Radio.
   To all of you who are many thousands in all over the world and you are beside us and support us all these years we 'd like to say a huge thank you from the bottom of our heart. We didn't forget anyone of you who we talk via social networks. Just personal issues kept us away but WE DIDN'T FORGET YOU. We really appreciate it and we promise this year to be a recovery year for our beloved radio because ...we still keep the faith.


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