"Four years Bon Jovi Web Radio ...and we still keep the faith"
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Sunday, September 29, 2013


  Two years Bon Jovi Web Radio. What a ride! It sounds amazing to us. The last two years we broadcast 24/7 the best music in the world: Bon Jovi music.
   It was very interesting year. We saw our favorite band back on the road again. Maybe the tour had and still has problems but we still love their shows no matter what, right?
   We gathered some fans and we made the road trip to Sofia, Bulgaria for the very first Bon Jovi gig on European leg. We had a blast, there’s no doubt about it. We hope next time to be together more Bon Jovi Web Radio’s friends and to enjoy our favorite band.
   Thanks to you Joviers we made some campaigns, B.J.W.R. Angels, for fans who couldn’t afford a ticket and we gave them the opportunity to party as hell in Bon Jovi concerts. We hope and we believe next time we will be able to give away more tickets for free to fans in need.
   B.J.W.R. website has over 11000 facebook likes, our facebook page has 6581 likes, I will be Bon Joving till I die facebook group has 941 members and 1573 people follow us on Twitter. 99558 unique visitors from 141 countries so far trusted us to entertain them. Friendships were born via the chat room, via our facebook page and via our facebook group. That’s awesome! We said something last year and we are going to repeat it: our main goal is to unite Bon Jovi fans from all over the world.
   Soon we will update our website with interesting apps and services so stay tuned.
Of course natasabj and gioviana helped a lot and they must be mentioned for their help.
   For one more time thank you to all of you Joviers from all over the world for making us the best Bon Jovi radio station in the world. Thank you to all of you, we really appreciate it.

stay Jovied & K.T.F.

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