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Thursday, May 23, 2013


What really happens with Richie Sambora and the Bon Jovi band? Nobody knows. That's a fact. Richie claims personal reasons.
   Unfortunately we see on the internet the Bon Jovi fans have split into Jon Bon Jovi fans and Richie's fans. Well, this is sad. Why? Because we are all Bon Jovi band's fans.
   The one who has to make an official statement is Richie. Why? Because he left the band during the world tour while fans have paid and they are still paying a lot of money for tickets, transportation and hotels. They paid to see him. The rest of the band  is on the road.
   We are not against Richie. Not at all. But if the reasons are personal as he said, he is the only one who can speak. No-one else. Not even Jon Bon Jovi or any other member of the band.
   We don't want to learn these personal reasons. We just want to know if he left the band or not. We need and official statement.
   We don't believe there's an alcohol - drug problem because Richie posts on Twitter and his daughter Ava posts photos and videos from their life in Los Angeles.
   We hope and we wish everything on Richie's and his beloved ones to be fine but there are many people (a.k.a. Bon Jovi fans) who need some respect because many of them are loyal to the band since the very first day.
   Many people are talking bad about Jon Bon Jovi. They ask answers from him. How can he speak for Richie when we talk for Richie's personal issues? Don't forget they are also human beings. They have feelings, they have their bad days, they have their not so attractive sides. They are not saints, neither do we.
   We all want the band with its first members (including Alec John Such) but time goes by and life brings unexpected changes. Let's not forget the big boss of the band  (like it or not) is Jon Bon Jovi and the rest members of the band know that better than anyone. Even Richie says that on "When we were beautiful" documentary. Of course that doesn't mean that each member of the band is not the same important as Jon is.
   We must be patient. There's a Greek saying: "Nothing can be hidden for a long time under the sun".
   No matter what kind of result will be (Richie come back to the band or not) nothing can delete the legend of the Bon Jovi band. If any member of the band wants to leave the band for any reason we have to respect this opinion, but the show must go on and the band must look forward. We were, we are and we will be Bon Jovi fans forever. We will be Bon Joving till we die. 

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