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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Don't blame Bon Jovi

Well I think we have to clear something. Last days I 've read on internet about a Jon's interview to a german magazine (link) where he said in this tour (Because we can) the band will not visit Greece and Spain for obvious reasons (a.k.a. artificial financial crisis). After that I have read many comments especially on facebook and many people put the blame on the band. THAT IS WRONG. TOTALLY WRONG!!! The fact is the band has no problem to go to any country. The main problem is there are no promoters and organizers in these countries to invite the band. So simple. There is financial crisis in Ireland and Portugal also but the band is going to give concerts there. Back in 2011 Bon Jovi gave concerts in Greece, Spain, Portugal and Ireland and guess what: FINANCIAL CRISIS EXISTED IN 2011 ALSO. The same happens with tickets. The band is not responsible for the prices of tickets. The band wants a specific amount to give a concert in a country. If the organizers who will bring them for a concert want to earn a shitload of money then they will have high prices (that's what happened in Greece back in 2011). So before put the blame on Bon Jovi please think twice.

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