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Monday, December 17, 2012


   Hey Joviers,
We had a great idea about helping each other. How? By secret campaigns. What is this? We get donations and with these donations we buy tickets about Bon Jovi concerts for Bon Jovi fans who can 't afford them. We have already done it once and we felt amazing. That's the Bon Jovi spirit guys... Look at Jon... He 's a great giver. That is how a campaign works.
   Why secret and what does mean secret? We don't say the names of donators to the Bon Jovi fan who is gonna get the ticket because we don't want to make him feel uncomfortable. If someone of the donators wants to reveal himself we cannot stop him. Of course donators will learn for whom is the ticket if they want to know.
   Christmas are coming, financial situation is getting worse day by day in many countries so why wouldn't we give some joy? We wish we could make the best for everyone but this is not so easy.
   The donators are B.J.W.R. ANGELS. Allow me to introduce them to you. B.J.W.R. ANGELS so far are: Gitsa, Lia, Eleni, Anastasia, Pauline, Ludmila, Linda Marie, Andy Chris.
   If you want to be a B.J.W.R. ANGEL feel free to contact us and ask any info you want. We believe with a very small amount we can make small miracles and to give a lot of happiness.
   Why do we do all this thing? 'Cause it's the Jovi spirit guys... So simple!!! You need one more reason? BECAUSE WE CAN

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