"Four years Bon Jovi Web Radio ...and we still keep the faith"
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Sunday, September 30, 2012


Here we are folks. One year Bon Jovi Web Radio. Wow!!! I can 't believe it... It 's like yesterday. One year ago B.J.W.R. was on the air for the very first time and the welcome from all of you was more than amazing. That's really something for me, natasabj and all the friends who helped this dream to became a reality.
   B.J.W.R. website has over 8200 facebook likes, our facebook page has 2491 likes, I will be Bon Joving till I die facebook group has 803 members and 623 people follow us on Twitter. 56833 unique visitors from 121 countries so far trusted us to entertain them. Friendships were born via the chat room, via our facebook page and via our facebook group. That 's fantastic, ain't it? That's our main goal: to unite Bon Jovi fans from all over the world. We succeed it to a point with a small budget. Dreams come true if you believe in them, no matter what.
   We 've tried to provide some services and we will keep trying to improve them and to do and offer more things. Be ready for more exciting things for the second year of B.J.W.R.
   For one more time thank you Joviers, you really rock...

   stay Jovied & K.T.F.


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