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Sunday, January 22, 2012

In the name of S.O.P.A. and P.I.P.A.

   As we all know F.B.I. shut down Megaupload.com. This action has been done from The Department of Justice (U.S.A.) to stop piracy.
   Let's get real! File sharing will never stop and censorship has no place in democracy. There are so many ways to achive file sharing (emails, skype, cloud computing etc). If someone wants to download videos or music for free he can do it. It needs a free software to download whatever he wants from You Tube. If someone wants to get something for free he will get it (no doubt). If not from internet by downloading, he will make a copy to a local music store or some friend of this person will make a copy.
   There are more important issues. Feed the people, stop the wars, stop producing weapons, fight the drugs, find jobs for unemployeds, protect mother nature, fight AIDS, fight poverty, fight the bankers.
   Do you really know how many internet services exist like Megaupload.com? It's impossible to shut down all of them. You cannot put the blame on all of them for piracy. This is not democracy but dictatorship. 
All of these in the name of S.O.P.A. (Stop Online Piracy Act) and P.I.P.A. (Protect IP Act).
S.O.P.A. and P.I.P.A. my @ss!!! 

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