"Four years Bon Jovi Web Radio ...and we still keep the faith"
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Friday, January 27, 2012


Here we are Joviers. Thank you for your support. That gives us the strength to continue and to be better. I really didn't expect Bon Jovi Web Radio to be so successful in four months. It was a nice journey so far, don't you think? I hope and I wish to keep on Joving for a long time.
   I guess it 's about time to add more services to this website. ...And we did. At the tope of this website you will see more pages on pagelist. We added a forumBon Jovi widgetpolls, surveyconcerts, Bon Jovi official Ustream channel, apps, Bon Jovi Web Radio fans and a Be a DJ service. Let 's see what is about each one.
   Bon Jovi Web Radio Forum is a forum where you have to register and after that you can post your thoughts, your opinions, your questions, photos and videos. I think it's pretty cool.
   Bon Jovi widget is a gadget from Bon Jovi official website. It 's an easy way to check, news, tour dates and to do some more things. It 's an easier way to surf the Bon Jovi official website.
   Polls are here just to see what is Bon Jovi fans opinion for some issues. You can vote anonymously.
   Survey is a research which will help us to be better in the future. Fill the form anonymously.
   In the concerts page we will post Bon Jovi concerts and live performances. Not only world tours but smaller gigs also.
   Everytime our favourite band do something live via internet we watch it on their official Ustream channel. Now you don 't have to leave from Bon Jovi Web Radio. You can watch Bon Jovi official Ustream channel from BJOUC (Bon Jovi Official Ustream Channel) and chat with other Bon Jovi fans also.
   In the Apps page you can find Ustream applications for you Android devices or for your Apple devices. Just click on one of the following icons to install the app. After installation run the app and search for hackaday (keyword). By this way you will be able to listen to the Bon Jovi Web Radio wherever you are and wherever there is a WiFi connection. There is also a facebook application. You can add on your facebook page Ustream App and put Bon Jovi Web Radio on your page.
   BJWR Fans (Bon Jovi Web Radio fans) is a slide show with pictures of Joviers who visit the Bon Jovi Web Radio. By this way we can see how the Joviers look like. If you wanna see your picture in the slide show feel free to send us a picture.
   Be a DJ is a service where you can make your own playlist and we will broadcast it for you any day and any time you want except Sunday, Monday, Wednesday 10p.m.-12p.m (GMT+02:00h), Saturday 8p.m.-10p.m. (GMT+02:00h) and Tusday, Thursday, Friday 7p.m.-9p.m. (GMT+02:00h). The only you have to do is to fill the following form.
   With these extra sevices we hope this website to be more interactive. I wish and I hope one day in the future to meet each one of you in person, to shake your hand and to say a big thank you. Right now it's impossible but I keep the faith for it.

   For once more thank you for your support

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