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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

JBJ Soul Kitchen 3rd Anniversary Celebration!

Mark your calendars and join us for 3 days of events at Soul Kitchen!
In celebration of three wonderful years at Soul Kitchen, we are hosting three days of special events as a thank you to everyone who has supported our mission and welcomed us into the community.
We hope that you will join us – all events are rain or shine and are open to the public, you do not need to dine at Soul Kitchen to participate. We will be open our normal hours during most of this celebration week.
Saturday, October 11th/ 1pm – 4pm 
Join us for the first annual JBJ Soul Kitchen Kickoff Cook-Off!
Soul Kitchen has invited local fire departments to show off their culinary talents by preparing their best firehouse chili. Attendees will sample the chili and vote for their favorite. This event will be the kick off event in Celebration of the JBJ Soul Kitchen’s 3 year anniversary. Donations to enter the event will be $10 for adults and $5 for children 12 and under.  All proceeds from this event will be shared by the winning fire departments and the Soul Kitchen.  Soul Kitchen will be open to the public for regular dinner service from 5pm-7pm that evening.  Come by and see how Soul Kitchen serves the community and why Hope is Delicious.
Wednesday, October 15th / 6:00pm – 8:00pm
180’s Amanda’s Easel Art Exhibit
JBJ Soul Kitchen is proud to host its second Amanda’s Easel Art Exhibit. Amanda’s Easel, a program of our partner 180 Turning Lives Around, uses art therapy to help children exposed to domestic violence heal through the expression of art.  This year’s theme is  “Turning Over a New Leaf” and you can join us to view the exhibit and take part in the interactive “Leave a Change” art installation.
This event is free to the public  – please join us for complimentary apple cider and seasonal bites.  Soul Kitchen will not be open for dinner that night, as always if you or someone you know is in need of a meal please contact us so arrangements may be made.
Saturday, October 18th / 1:00 – 4:00pm
 JBJ Soul Kitchen 3rd Anniversary Celebration
Please Raise Your Hand and help Jon combat hunger.  

JBJ Soul Kitchen will be celebrating 3 years of giving a hand up in the community. Jon Bon Jovi has provided his hand print for you to write a message of hope on to be displayed at the Soul Kitchen and shared through social media. Join us as we celebrate and see how Soul Kitchen is much more than a meal. There will be music, face painting, pumpkin picking and light fare in the Soul Kitchen garden – this event is free to the public. Soul Kitchen will open at 5:00pm for regular dinner service.
Our partners Fair Mountain Coffee will be providing complementary coffee.
Please continue to check back for more information on each night!
If you do not live in the Red Bank area but would like to support Soul Kitchen, you can help us by Paying It Forward. By donating, you are helping to cover the cost of someone’s meal who volunteered as payment.  You can also raise YOUR hand and help combat hunger by adding a message of hope on the donation form that will be printed on Jon Bon Jovi’s hand print and displayed at Soul Kitchen during our celebration!
Please click HERE to donate and support our mission.
Soul Kitchen…where Hope is Delicious.

Source: JBJ Soul Kitchen

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


   Three years Bon Jovi Web Radio. That's really something for us. Especially this third year. We 've been through really hard times but we are still here and we hope to be for long. The last year downs were much more than ups. That's why live shows were off the schedule. We kept the live broadcasting despite all problems. Was a thought to shut B.J.W.R. down? HELL NO! The only thought in our mind was how to keep it alive and we finally did it. Countless difficulties, many tried to convince us to shut down the radio (don't know why), some other "friends" finally revealed their real face. We don't give a shit about them and we look forward and keep on Joving as hell, 'cause that's the main point for us here on Bon Jovi Web Radio.
   To all of you who are many thousands in all over the world and you are beside us and support us all these years we 'd like to say a huge thank you from the bottom of our heart. We didn't forget anyone of you who we talk via social networks. Just personal issues kept us away but WE DIDN'T FORGET YOU. We really appreciate it and we promise this year to be a recovery year for our beloved radio because ...we still keep the faith.


Friday, September 26, 2014

Jon Bon Jovi: 'I don't live the cliche, rock star life'

Jon Bon Jovi sits on a wooden bench in Red Bank, N.J., rubbing the throbbing right foot that three weeks earlier had undergone surgery for plantar fasciitis. Behind him is JBJ Soul Kitchen, the restaurant run by his charitable foundation, and in front of him are volunteer groundskeepers tending to the vegetable garden. He waves off suggestions that he should join them for a photo, but not because of his physical condition.
"I'd rather kill myself," the world-famous rocker says. "It is very important to me that this foundation is real and not about a guy who does photo ops. There is no pride in any of that. I can't do it."
For 30 years, as frontman for one of the biggest rock bands on the planet, Bon Jovi has lived in the public eye – his life photographed, filmed and chronicled, his work reviewed and analyzed.
But over the past few years, Bon Jovi has increasingly turned his attention to the less-glamorous work of understanding the needs of less-fortunate residents of New Jersey, Philadelphia and beyond, researching ways to help them and then working with communities to open new facilities through his JBJ Soul Foundation. One example is the Soul Kitchen, a restaurant that allows diners to work for their meals. Another is JBJ Soul Homes, a partnership with Project HOME that includes 55 apartments for formerly homeless and low-income residents in Philly.
Celebrity-driven charity efforts are nothing new, and cynics may scoff at the idea that a rock star does much more than lend his name to an organization. Bon Jovi's longtime business partner says the Soul Foundation is not like that. "He wants to be involved and he is intimately focused on every step of every project," says Craig Spencer, who formerly co-owned the Philadelphia Soul arena football team with Bon Jovi and helped found this foundation in 2006. "He uses his brand to benefit others, not himself."
Case in point: Last year's tour in support of the band's No. 1 album What About Now, was rife with disruptions: Drummer Tico Torres underwent two emergency surgeries. And lead guitarist Richie Sambora famously quit the tour. Yet Jon Bon Jovi worked during off-dates to advance the foundation.
"He asked me to find best practices-type of organizations that deal with homeless youth so we could visit and find out what has worked for them," says Mimi Box, Soul Foundation executive director and one of only two paid employees of the organization. "He wants to be fully informed."
Adds foundation President Leo Carlin: "Jon often speaks about the power of 'We' and what we can accomplish together, but it takes the power of 'One' to move the 'We,' and Jon is that 'One.' "
Perhaps more accurately, it's the power of two. Driving through Red Bank almost three years after establishing JBJ Soul Kitchen, Bon Jovi talks about his wife of 25 years, Dorothea (who declines interviews) and her brilliance for turning visions into realities. After the 2008 economic downturn, support slowed for the foundation's housing projects. Relaxing at home, the Bon Jovis were drawninto a news report about a restaurant that reached out to the community's neediest residents.
"Dorothea and I started to have a conversation, and we volleyed ideas back and forth. People have a roof over their heads, but now they gotta eat. We thought it was a great idea. The definition of our mission became clear only with time, and a year of the experiment."
In Red Bank, Bon Jovi points out the landmarks that led to the Soul Kitchen: There's the church where it began with weekly Sunday meals, where every fork, plate, pot and food had to be carried in and out; there's the struggling restaurant that closed rather than house Soul Kitchen because the owner couldn't personally profit from it; there's the institutional soup kitchen; and there's the former auto service shop that was transformed through Dorothea's vision into the linen-and-crystal sit-down JBJ Soul Kitchen.
At this community restaurant, patrons are asked to donate $10 or volunteer their labor for a meal. It serves dinner on Thursdays, Fridaysand Saturdays and lunch on Sundays, averaging 45 to 50 meals per day.
"There is a different set of challenges when you say to somebody, 'We want to provide you a warm, nutritious meal, but we need you to pick up after yourself and maybe wash a dish or take the garbage out,' " Bon Jovi says. "They say 'Who you talking to?' But it's 'No, no, no. This is me, my wife, my kid, Terrence, in the kitchen.' When you explain this to somebody who is used to entitlement, immediately any mask comes off and they say, 'Oh, OK, great, I can do that.' … The sense of pride, of purpose, is unbelievable."
Restaurant manager and friend Lou Morreale attests to Bon Jovi's dedication, saying he is the best dishwasher he knows.
"I loved washing the dishes there. I can't now," Bon Jovi says. "Why? This isn't the place to come and meet the rock star. Second, the size of the place — I am taking a job away. Folks need to feel empowered."
He wishes others would use the Soul Kitchen as a model to establish a similar restaurant but shakes his head when praised for his efforts. "I don't sit in front of a mirror and think, 'Aren't I wonderful?'" he says. "Angie Jolie does a wonderful job. George Clooney does a wonderful job.A lot of good came out of their celebrity."
When it's mentioned that rock stars aren't generally among that group, he pauses.
"My whole genre, my whole decade of music, I didn't want to be them when I was a kid," he says. "Some journalists tell me, 'You're not very rock 'n' roll.' If all they think is that I should throw a TV out the window, then I'm not interested in talking to them. I don't live the cliché, rock star life."
Jon Bon Jovi spoke about the work of the JBJ Soul Foundation at the USA WEEKEND Make A Difference Day Awards luncheon in April in Washington, D.C.
Make A Difference Day, co-sponsored by Points of Light and Newman's Own, is the nation's largest day of service, with millions of volunteers participating in projects across the USA. The next Make A Difference Day is Oct. 25, 2014. For more information or to find a project, visit makeadifferenceday.com.

Source: usatoday.com

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